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Alessandro Luccaroni - Diennea alessandro.luccaroni at diennea.com
Thu Jun 27 16:09:17 CEST 2019

Hi all,
I was thinking about sending an email to Carnagie Mellon Database Group about the entry of Herddb on https://dbdb.io/db/herddb

I've grouped up a bunch of information about Herd, can you check if everything seems correct?

Checkpoints =  "Consistent" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/Data-storage https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/Checkpoints-configuration)
Foreign Keys = "Not Supported" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/SQL-Support)
Data Model = "Relational"  (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/SQL-Support)
Indexes =  "B-Link" "BRIN" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/blob/master/herddb-utils/src/main/java/herddb/index/blink/BLink.java https://github.com/diennea/herddb/tree/master/herddb-core/src/main/java/herddb/index/brin)
Isolation Levels = "Read Committed" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/SQL-Support)
Joins = "Nested Loop join" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/SQL-Support)
Query Interface = "SQL" "Command-line/Shell" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/SQL-Support)
Storage Architecture = "Hybrid"
Storage Model = "Key/Value" "N-ary Storage Model (Row/Record)" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/Data-storage)
Storage Organization = "Log-structured" "Heaps" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/Data-storage)
Stored Procedures = "Not Supported" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/SQL-Support)
System Architecture =  "Shared-Nothing" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/Replication)
Views = "Not Supported" (https://github.com/diennea/herddb/wiki/SQL-Support)

I'm still in doubt about some other definition, see below with some "option" using the dbdb.io "nomenclature":

"Concurrency Control"

1)      Deterministic Concurrency Control

2)      Multi-version Concurrency Control (MVCC)

3)      Optimistic Concurrency Control (OCC)

4)      Timestamp Ordering

5)      Two-Phase Locking (Deadlock Detection)

6)      Two-Phase Locking (Deadlock Prevention)

"Query Compilation"

1)      Code Generation

2)      JIT Compilation

3)      Not Supported

4)      Stored Procedure Compilation

"Query Execution"

1)      Materialized Model

2)      Tuple-at-a-Time Model

3)      Vectorized Model

But we could also use some terminology that is not currently cover (for example currently there are no DBMS mapped with either BRIN or B-Link indexes, but we support them).

Alessandro Luccaroni
Platform Manager @ Diennea - MagNews
Tel.: (+39) 0546 066100 Int. 924 - Mob.: (+39) 393 7273519
Viale G.Marconi 30/14 - 48018 Faenza (RA) - Italy


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