[Herddb-dev] Request - More tasks

Enrico Olivelli eolivelli at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 08:58:59 CET 2019

thank you for your contributions!
I think we have to push down some unit test in the jdbc module
regarding the "NOT NULL" feature.

- positive/negative tests around "create table"
- JDBC DatabaseMetadata#getColumns
-  positive/negative tests around INSERTS on not null columns
-  positive/negative tests around UPDATE on not null columns
- simple scan over not null columns
- order by order not null columns
- where clauses over not null columns
- basic join over not null columns

We have a full set of new data types, we have to ensure that these new
datatypes work well on every common usage pattern

I have tagged you on other issues,
If you have preferences over some topic please tell,
I think you are ready to work on more complex tasks


Il giorno gio 21 mar 2019 alle ore 08:55 Amit Chavan
<achavan1 at gmail.com> ha scritto:
> Hello,
> I finished https://github.com/diennea/herddb/pull/359 and looking to take up more tasks.
> Thanks,
> Amit
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